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Declaration on Data Protection and consent to the data processing at

Transparency in the use and protection of data is a matter of trust and for Morellato your trust is very important. We have the most complete respect for your privacy and personal sphere. For us, the protection, detection, process and use of your personal data according to applicable laws is an essential aspect of our work. In order to transmit the commitment with which we take care of your privacy, and to allow you to visit our sites in peace, we process your personal data scrupulously respecting the directives required by law, and with this document we want to inform you about our procedures of detection and use of data. You can print or save this specially prepared document in PDF format, or you can return to the site at any time by clicking on the "Back to Site" buttons. With the consent to the following declaration on data protection, you authorize Morellato S.p.a. with registered office in Via Commerciale 29, Santa Giustina In Colle Cap 35010 PD (hereinafter: Morellato) to collect, process and use your personal data in compliance with the laws on data protection and the following provisions.

1. Web site Manager
The site responsible for the collection, process and use of your personal information under the federal law in the field of data protection is Morellato . If you intend to withdraw your consent to the collection, process and use of your personal information in accordance with the provisions on data protection or if you want to refuse the consent to individual items, you can submit your statement via email, fax or letter the following contacts:

Morellato S.p.a.

Via Commerciale 29, Santa Giustina In Colle

Cap 35010 PD Fax: +39 (0)6 45445102

TEL. (+39) 049. 93.23.777



2. Collection, process and use of personal data
2.1 Personal Data
By "personal data" we mean indications regarding objective or personal situations of a specific physical person or of an identifiable natural person; for example it is your name, or even your address or your phone number and all the information or data that are communicated to us at the time of registration on Morellato .com. The statistical data that are collected when you visit our eCommerce for example and that are not directly traceable to your person, are not considered personal data. In this sense, for example, the statistics concerning which pages of our eCommerce are most visited or how many users visit certain pages of Morellato , are not to be considered data referring to specific users.

2.2 Customer account
For each registered customer, we have direct access to the data saved on our site (Customer Area). Here you have the possibility to view and modify data regarding the purchases made, the orders opened and the last shipments processed; it is also possible to update this information regarding shipping addresses and anything else necessary for the best use of the service. In no area of the site will be recorded bank details and those related to the payment system that you prefer to use. The privacy and confidentiality of the access data is under the personal responsibility of the client. We can not take responsibility for password used illegally, except in cases where the abuse is attributable to our responsibility.

With the "Remember me" function we want to make the use of our websites as pleasant as possible. This feature allows you to use our services without having to reconnect every time. For security reasons you will be prompted for the password again when you want for example to modify your personal information or place an order. You should not use this function when the computer is used by multiple users. Please know that the "stay connected" is not available when you use a setting that at each session automatically delete saved cookies.

2.3 Collection, process and use of personal data
Data protection is very important for us. Therefore, when we collect, process and use your personal information, we scrupulously respect the provisions of the law on data protection and media law. We collect, store and process your information for the general conduct of your purchase, including any future guarantees for our customer services, technical administration and for our own marketing purposes. Your personal information will be disclosed to third parties only if this is necessary for the fulfillment of the contract or billing or if you have previously given your consent. Our service providers (e.g. carriers, logistics companies, banks) will receive the necessary data for the fulfillment of the order and the contract. Our service providers may use the data provided only for fulfillment of their duties. They have no right to use the information for other purposes.

For your order we need to get the correct information on the name, address and payment details. We need your email address to be able to confirm your order and to communicate with you. Also we use it to identify you (customer access). Finally through the email address you receive a confirmation of order and despatch.

In case there is the storage requirement of the data and if you have made use of the right to request the cancellation, your data will be deleted when they are no longer needed for the purpose for which they were saved, or if the storage should be prohibited for other legal reasons.

2.4 Use of your data for advertising purposes
We use your data for the performance of your purchase at Morellato , to contact you, and provide you with information about your orders, products or marketing activities and to suggest products or services that might interest you. You have at all times the right to revoke your permission for the use of personal data for advertising purposes, both for overall and for individual assets. This will not involve other costs in addition to the base rate set for the sending of the revocation. Just send a written notice to the contacts mentioned in paragraph 1 (e.g. email, fax, letter).

2.4.1 Newsletter
To send out the newsletter we use the so-called Single Opt-In process, or we will send you by email newsletter only if you have already expressly confirmed that we have to activate the newsletter service. If later you no longer wish to receive the newsletter or other types of communication for advertising purposes, you have at all times the right to revoke your permission. This will not involve other costs in addition to the base rate set for the sending of the revocation. Just send a written notice to the contacts mentioned in paragraph 1 (e.g. email, fax, letter). Obviously in any advertising email, you can find the link for deactivation.

2.4.2 Product advertising by email
As a customer of Morellato .com you can regularly receive our product advertisements by email, regardless of your subscription to our newsletter service. By doing so we intend to send you the information on the products of our catalog that may interest you, based on your most recent visits to Morellato . All this in strict compliance with the provisions of the law. If later you no longer wish to receive the newsletter or other types of communication for advertising purposes, you have at all times the right to revoke your permission. Just send a written notice to the contacts mentioned in paragraph 1 (e.g. email, fax, letter). Obviously in any advertising email, you can find the link for deactivation.

2.4.3 Personalised advertising
The information we receive from you help us to constantly improve your shopping experience and to make it more enjoyable and personalized. Information transferred by you or automatically generated are used to create an adequate advertising to your interests. To this end we use the information available, e.g. confirmation of receipt and email reading, information about the computer and the internet connection, operating system and platform, your archive orders, your archive services, date and time at which you have visited the site and the products you have viewed. We use this information in the form of pseudonym. The analysis and study of this information allow us to optimize our websites and our range of offers on the internet; in this way we can send you the most appropriate advertisement to your needs, that is advertising that can suggest products that could actually meet your interest. Our goal is to create an interesting and useful advertisement for you. An assessment and analysis of your data, converted in the form of pseudonym, help us not to send you random advertising. Instead, by email or mail we send you advertising such as newsletters and product suggestions that match your interests. Therefore it occurs in the basis of what advertising email you normally open; this in order to not send unnecessary mail.

I authorize Morellato to use the data provided by me and other information saved on my client account, as well as usage data in the form of a pseudonym, in order to receive personalized advertising and / or special offers and services.

If you do not wish to receive advertising, you have at all times the right to revoke your permission at all or to withdraw the consent to certain activities. Just send a written notice to the contacts mentioned in paragraph 1 (e.g. email, fax, letter).

2.4.4 Prize competition, market research and opinion poll
In the case of prize competitions we use your information in order to notify eventual winnings or send you our offers. Details are eventually available under the conditions of participation of the respective contest. We also use your personal data for market research and public opinion polls. We use the data only in an anonymous form for statistical purposes and only for Morellato . Your survey responses will not be shared with third parties or published. We do not save your survey responses together with your email address or other personal data. I authorize Morellato to develop and use for its own purposes my personal data in order to carry out market research and public opinion polls. You have at all times the right to revoke your consent to the data for market research and public opinion polling or withdraw consent for certain activities; This will not involve other costs in addition to the base rate set for the sending of the revocation. Just send a written notice to the contacts mentioned in paragraph 1 (e.g. email, fax, letter). Obviously in any advertising email, you can find the link for deactivation.

3. Cookies
Acceptance of cookies is not necessary in order to visit our website. We will notify you, however, that the use of the "shopping cart" feature and the order of products are possible only if you authorize the use of cookies. What are cookies? Pursuant to art. 122 Legislative Decree June 30, 2003, n. 196 and the General Provision of the Guarantor of May 8, 2014 During the browsing of our site can be collected information through so-called "technical cookies". Technical cookies are used for the sole purpose of "transmitting a communication over an electronic communications network, or to the extent strictly necessary for the provider of an information society service explicitly requested by the subscriber or user to provide such service "(see Article 122, paragraph 1, of Legislative Decree 196/2003). Cookies are very small files that are saved on your device and that serve to store specific settings and data necessary for the exchange with our system through your browser. We distinguish two types of cookies: the so-called "session-cookies", which are deleted as soon as you close your browser and temporary / permanent cookies, which are stored on your device for an extended period or permanently. This saving is necessary to our website to apply offers according to your needs and to facilitate the use of the site. Some information, for example, are saved in order to not having to repeat each time. See: Directive 2009/136/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council What cookies does Morellato use? Most of the cookies that are used on Morellato when the browser is closed (end of session) are automatically deleted from your hard drive. The session-cookies they offer you, for example, the "shopping cart" feature even if you browse through several pages. In addition we also use cookies that remain on your hard drive. When you come back on our page, the system will automatically recognize that you have already visited and stores data and favorite settings. These temporary or definitive cookies (duration from 1 month to 10 years) are saved to your hard drive and deleted after a predefined period. These cookies are used primarily to make our offering simple for the user, more efficient and safer. Thanks to these files is, for instance, possible to display on the page information that are better suited to your interests. The sole purpose of these cookies is to adjust our offer to your needs as a customer and make your navigation as comfortable as possible. Which data is stored in cookies? No personal data is saved in the cookies that Morellato uses. Therefore the cookies we use are not attributable to a person and therefore not referable to you in any way. When the cookies are activated, an identification code is assigned. At no time will it be possible to redirect this code to your personal data and at no time will you try to do so. Name, IP address and similar data that could lead back to you, will never be used. With cookies we can only receive information linked to the pseudonym, and concerning exclusively the experience of using our site, e.g. which products are most displayed, etc. Based on a cookie technology Morellato collects data to optimize our advertising and the range of products offered online. This information is not used to identify you personally, but only serves to evaluate the use of the homepage under the pseudonym. Your data will not at any time connected to your saved personal data. This technology allows you to offer advertising and / or specific offers and services, whose content is based on information obtained through the analysis of navigation flows (e.g. personalized advertising if you have only displayed silver jewellery in the last days). Our goal is to make our online offer as interesting as possible and to let you receive advertising that reflects your areas of interest. Are there also cookies from third parties (third-party-cookies)? Morellato uses some advertising partners that help make the internet offer and Morellato websites more interesting. Therefore, when you visit our site, cookies from associated companies will be saved on your hard drive. In this case these are temporary / permanent cookies that will be automatically deleted at the end of the pre-established period. These temporary or even permanent cookies (the duration is from 14 days to 10 years) are saved on your hard drive and automatically deleted when the predefined period expires. Even the cookies of the associated companies do not contain personal data. Through a user ID, only data in the form of pseudonym is detected. For example, it concerns data about which products you viewed, if you bought something, what products you looked for, etc. During this process, some of our advertising partners also collect information on which pages you have already visited or which products you have been interested in, to show you the advertising that best matches your interests. This data in the form of a pseudonym will not be linked to your personal data at any time. They are only meant to help our advertising partners to deal with advertising that may actually interest you. Re-Targeting In this case, our websites use so-called re-targeting technologies. We use these technologies to make the internet offer more interesting. On the websites of our partners, this technique allows us to make ourselves visible to users / customers by presenting them the products for which they have shown interest in our online store. The display of a personalized advertisement, which takes into account the interests of the user, is normally more interesting than an advertisement that does not refer to the person. The visualization through the advertising vehicles of the sites of our partners is based on a cookie technology and an analysis of the user's behavior. This form of advertising takes the form of a pseudonym. No personal data is saved and user profiles are not linked to your personal data. I consent to the use of so-called cookies, to save and use my user data. In addition, I consent to the saving of my data in cookies even after the browser is closed in order to be, for example, recalled to the subsequent visit of the websites. At any time I have the right to revoke my consent for the future by changing the browser settings by blocking cookies. How can I prevent cookies to be saved? In your browser you can set your intention to accept cookies to be saved only by request. If you intend to accept cookies from Morellato , but not the cookies of our services and our partner companies, in your browser, you can select the setting "block third-party cookies". Normally in the menu of your web browser, in the support section, you can see how reject new cookies and disable existing cookies. In the case of shared computer, set so as to accept cookies and flash cookies, we recommend that you always disconnect it after use.

4. File Log
For each access to the pages of Morellato user data will be transmitted via the Internet browser and saved in a log file, so-called server log files. The following data will be saved: date and time of access, visited the site name, IP address, referrer URL (URL source through which you arrived on the Morellato ), the amount of transmitted data, information relating to product and browser version used. IP addresses of users are deleted or made anonymous to the end of the use. In the case anonymization IP addresses will be modified in such a way that it can not be attributed to a specific natural person, except with an excessive effort in terms of time, cost and labor. We analyze these sets of logfile data anonymously in order to improve our offers and shop Morellato , to make it easier, find and eliminate errors quickly and to control server capacity. This makes it possible for example to figure out what time there is more flow to and consequently make available the data volume necessary to ensure a quick purchase. Furthermore, the analysis of the protocol files allows us to identify and eliminate any errors found in Morellato faster.

5. Analysis of the web
To improve and constantly optimise our service, we use so-called tracking technologies. To this end, we use the Google Analytics service and Webtrekk.

5.1 Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a service from Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA ("Google"). Google Analytics uses "cookies", text files saved on your computer, allowing you to analyze how you use our online content through Google. The information from the cookie relating to your use of our website (including your IP address) is normally transmitted to and stored at the Google server in the USA. Please note that Google Analytics on our website has been expanded with the "gat.anonymizelp();" code in order to ensure the anonymous tracking of IP addresses (so called IP-masking). Therefore, at our request, Google finds your IP address only in abbreviated form, which guarantees anonymity and does not allow your identification. In the event you enable IP anonymisation on this website, your IP address will be preventatively abbreviated within member states of the European Union or other states that have signed the agreement on the European Economic Area. Only in exceptional cases will the whole IP address be sent to Google's servers in the USA and then abbreviated onsite. Google also respects the provisions of the Convention on the Protection of Data "US-Safe-Harbor" and is registered in the "Safe Harbor" program of the U.S. Department of Commerce. Google will use this information to evaluate your use of our websites, to draft protocol on website activity and to provide other services relating to website activity and internet usage. The IP address transferred from your browser to Google Analytics will not be associated with other Google data. Google will transmit this information to third parties only when there are any legal requirements or for the purposes of data processing. In no case will Google associate your data with other data collected by Google. By using these websites, you agree to the processing of your data collected in the manner and for the purposes described above. You can avoid the storage of cookies through the appropriate settings of your browser software; we caution you that in this case, certain functionalities of your websites may be compromised. You can also prevent Google's detection of data created by the cookies relating to the use you make of the websites (including your IP address); the same thing applies to the processing of this data by Google. To this end you can download and install the specific browser-plugin. You can find more information about Google Analytics and data protection at the website:

5.2 Webtrekk
We also use the technologies of Webtrekk GmbH, Boxhagener Str, for the statistical evaluation of websites. 76-78, 10245 Berlin ( With the support of the Webtrekk services we gather statistical data concerning the use of our web offer. This data is used to improve and optimize our offers over the long term and therefore make them more interesting for you. The TÜV Saarland (technical inspection body) has certified Webtrekk GmbH in the field of data protection for the web control software used for Morellato . Above all, the detection and processing of tracking files for compliance with data protection and data security have been checked and certified. As part of the use of these websites, the information transmitted by your browser is detected and analyzed. This is done through cookie technology and so-called pixels that are included on every website. The following data are detected: Request (name of the requested file), type / version of the browser, browser language, operating system used, internal resolution of the browser window, screen resolution, javascript activation, Java on / off, cookies on / off, color intensity, URL referrer, IP address (it is detected exclusively anonymously and deleted directly after your use), access time, clicks made, order values, carts and form contents anonymously (for example if a telephone number has been indicated or not). The possibility of direct reference to the person is excluded at any time. The data collected in this way are used to create anonymous user profiles that serve as a basis for web statistics. The data collected with the Webtrekk technologies, unless explicitly authorized by the interested party, will not be used to personally identify the visitors of the websites and will never be linked to the personal data of the user identified with the pseudonym. You have at any time the possibility of revoking consent to the detection and storage of data for the future. To this end, connect to the following link: http: // By confirming the link on your device a so-called opt-out cookie will be inserted. This cookie is valid for 5 years. Please note that when you delete all cookies on your machine, you also delete the opt-out cookie; if in this case you intend to continue to revoke consent to Webtreck regarding the anonymous data collection, you will have to re-enter the opt-out cookie. The opt-out cookie is entered for each browser and for each individual machine. If you visit our websites at home or at work or with different browsers, you must activate the opt-out cookie in different browsers or on different machines.

6. Analysis of the user experience
To improve your experience on Morellato we monitor the flow of navigation on the site to provide you with the best content in line with your needs.

6.1 Zanox/Awin
Zanox is a platform owned by the company ZANOX AG, with registered office in Stralauer Allee 2,10245 Berlin, Germany, VAT and CF DE 209981705, (hereinafter, "zanox"). Zanox uses cookies to present advertisements relevant to you. It therefore gives your browser an identification number in the form of a pseudonym (ID) to check which ads have been shown on your browser and which ads have been opened. Cookies do not contain personal information.

6.2 Clerk is a proprietary platform of the company ApS having its registered office in Bredgade 36 Forhuset 4. sal. Copenhagen, Denmark Clerk analyzes the flows of navigation bringing products relevant to the customer's attention already from the typing phase providing a personalized shopping experience from beginning to end to our customers.

.3 Adform Germany GmbH
Gr. Burstah 50-52, 20457 Hamburg, Germany;

6.4 Criteo CIL
32 Rue Blanche, 75009 Paris, France;

6.5 Commanders Act
They allow the technical management of third-party cookies, the identification and segmentation of users.

6.6 Selligent It allows the identification and segmentation of users and the automation of marketing processes and newsletters sending.

6.7 Cookies Hotjar
They allow users to register users' browsing and view it through a clickmap, heatmap, video recordings with the obscuring of the fields compiled by the user. It can also be collected information released by users through Survey and Poll that appear during the navigation of the site and to which users can respond by accepting the processing of data. In no case will the user's cookie be associated with personal data that allow identification of the same. Duration: 2 years Link to the privacy information of the third party: · Link to the Opt-Out page: · / compliance / opt-out

6.8 Algho
It allows to manage a support service such as a Live Chat within the site. This system allows to record conversations with users and learn how to improve customer service through learning functions through analysis backends. The Algho system contains functionalities for managing the interaction with the user of the website pages even in an active mode by sending questions in real time following user inactivity on the page. Link to the information page

7. Social Plugin Our site uses Social Plugins ("Plugins") of different social networks. With the support of these plugins you can, for example, share content or recommend products. The social network transmits the content of the plugin directly to your browser, after which is connected to the web site. Through the inclusion of the plugin the social network receives the information that you have opened the corresponding page of our website. If you are logged in this social network, it can be possible to assign the visit to your user. If you interact with the plugins and actions such as the "like" button on Facebook or make a comment, the information will be transmitted from your browser directly to the social network that will save it. You can find information about the purpose and extent of data collection and the subsequent process and use of data through social networks, as well as information about the rights, the settings to protect your privacy and the indications on data protection. Find below the links in question. If you do not want the social network to collect data on our website before you visit our website you will need to get out of your network account. Even if you are not registered to social networks, websites with active social plugins can send the data to the network. Through an active plugin on every access to the website a cookie will be set with a coding. Since your browser every time you connect with a network server sends this cookie with no request, the network could create a profile reminiscent of Web sites that the user has visited. And in that case it would be possible to bring the coding to a person, for example when the user connects to social networks. On our websites we use the following plugins: Facebook, Twitter and Google . If you do not want social networks collect your information through these cookies, with a click you can simply turn off social plugin on our websites, or block the function "third party cookies "in your browser's settings. In this case, the browser will not send cookies to the server when the embedded content will find other service providers. This setting could compromise however, in addition to the function of the "plugin" button, other generic functions to other sites.

7.1 Facebook
We use the plugin of the social network operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304 USA ( "Facebook"). At the following link you can find the statement on the Facebook data protection: Information on the Facebook data protection.

7.2 Google+
We use plugins from the Google+ social network managed by Google. At the following link you can find the Declaration on the Protection of the Google data: information about Google's data protection.

7.3 Twitter
We use the plugin of the social network Twitter operated by Twitter Inc., 795 Folsom St., Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA ( "Twitter"). At the following link you can find the declaration on the protection of data of Twitter: information on the protection of Twitter data.

7.4 Pinterest
We use Pinterest social network plugins managed by Pinterest Inc., 635 High Street, Palo Alto, CA, USA ("Pinterest"). At the following link you will find the declaration on data protection of Pinterest: Information on the protection of data on Pinterest.

8. Social Sign In We offer you the opportunity to register on our sites directly with your existing profile of one of the social networks selected by us.

8.1 Sign In with Facebook
We use the "Connect with Facebook" offered from Facebook. If you want to use this function, before you will be sent back to Facebook. Then you will be asked to register with your username and password. Obviously we do not come to the attention of your registration data. If you are already connected to Facebook, the system will skip this step. Below Facebook informs you about the data that will be transmitted (public profile, friends list, email address and current address). Confirms the data transmission with the "OK" button. With the transmitted data we create a customer account, the list of friends obviously will not be saved. Moreover there will be no permanent connection between your client account and your Facebook account. You can find information about the purpose and extent of data collection and the subsequent processing and use of data through social networks, as well as the rights, the settings to protect your privacy, and the indications on data protection.

8.2 Sign in with Google
We use the "function Google Sign In" offered by Google. If you want to use this function, before you will be sent back to Google Then you will be asked to register with your user name and password. Obviously we do not come to the attention of your registration data. If you are already logged into Google, the system will skip this step. Then, Google tells you about the data that will be sent (email address, age group, language, general information on your profile and contact list of your circle of friends). Confirms the data transmission with the "OK" button. Also you can indicate whether and in what circles are sharing the recording to our sites. With the transmitted data we create a customer account, but of course we will not save the contact list of your circles. Moreover there will be no permanent connection between your client account and your Google account. You can find information about the purpose and extent of data collection and the subsequent processing and use of data through social networks, as well as the rights, the settings to protect your privacy, and the indications on data protection.

9. Secure data transfer
We transfer your personal information in a secure manner through the coding. This applies to your order as well as for login. To this end we use the SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer). No one can guarantee absolute protection, but we protect our websites and other systems with technical and organizational solutions to prevent loss, destruction, access, modification or disclosure of your data by unauthorized persons.

10. How to withdraw consent to the use of cookies?
Since it is the user's browser that stores cookies sent by the website on the hard disk, it is possible to act on the settings of the program in order to disable the storage of cookies. Below are the links to the information of the main browsers for further information on the deactivation of cookies: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Edge. With reference to profiling cookies intended to offer you personalized advertising, we inform you that, if you opt-out, you will continue, in any case, to receive general advertising. The Youonlinechoice and platforms offer the possibility to refuse or accept the cookies of many digital advertising operators. We recommend using these platforms to manage the withdrawal of consent to the use of cookies.
You can customize your preferences through our Privacy Center (click here)

11. Rights to information of the person concerned
According to the law on data protection of our customers have among other things the right to receive free information about their saved data and if necessary may request the correction, blocking or deletion. The protection of your data is an extremely important aspect for us. In order to ensure that personal data is not shared with third parties, please send your request together with data that allow your identification by email or mail to:

Via Commerciale 29, Santa Giustina In Colle
Cap 35010 PD
TEL. (+39) 049. 93.23.777