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The temple of manufacturing Made in Italy

Morellato’s Group, with registered offices in Padua and Milan, is one of the most successful Italian companies in the field of watch straps, jewelry and watches. Thanks to an artisan tradition handed down from 1930, strengthened by constant investments in new materials, innovations and fashion trends, Morellato is today the undisputed leader in the manufacturing of the watch strap Made in Italy.

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Our History

Morellato was the very first manufacturer of watch straps in Europe.
Fruit of the intuition of the great pioneer Giulio Morellato, the company was founded in Bologna in 1930. Born into a family of artisans specialized in the production of footwear and watches, Morellato was able to convey his great passion in creating watch straps, manicured in their details, drawing on his family tradition the expertise to obtain a product of outstanding quality.
What we offer you today is the result of the determination and intelligence of three generations of entrepreneurs.

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Our watch straps are manufactured by expert artisans, able to reproduce any type of finish, even the most detailed, such as integrated attachments, handmade stitching and saddle stitching, high frequency work or with digital printing, padding obtained with innovative materials such as gel, latex, etc. Additionally, our prototype department can achieve for our clientele samples constructed entirely by hand that we are then able to produce and deliver rapidly.

morellato cinturini

Savoir Faire

We work exclusively with exquisite raw materials, both in terms of exotic reptile skins such as the Alligator mississippiensis, the best quality Alligator skin on the market and of leathers, all of Italian origin, particularly from Tuscany, which boasts one of the best artisan tanning traditions of our Country. Additionally, all leathers used are tanned in accordance with the legislation in force regarding the use of chemicals.


Our highly qualified artisans manage every step of the productive process by observing a very strict quality control. All products, in fact, are tested in our in-house laboratory where, first of all, inspections are conducted on the raw materials and, then, on each manufacturing phase to offer the warranty of the product’s total compliance which has always distinguished and differentiated our watch straps.


Morellato offers a wide and diverse range of watch straps. From the Pelli Preziose Collection, obtained with crocodile, alligator and lizard skins, to the Sport Collection, which utilizes innovative technical and water resistant materials. From the Manufatti Collection, the ultimate expression of the artisan’s expertise, to the more technical lines such as the Rubber Collection and our latest creation, the Green Collection.

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